Pros and Cons of Smart Home Technology

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Technology has vastly become a part of our everyday life. Unlike homes built in the years before, now our homes are being built with advanced technology turning the structures we call abodes into smart homes. One can build their custom home to be fully operational with one remote. Although everyday life may seem easier with just the push of a button, does living in a smart home truly have the benefits we believe? Here are a few things to consider before transforming your home into a smart home.


Having a smart home can bring a sense of reassurance to you and your family, for example if you leave your home and can’t recall if a device was turned off or a certain door was locked. Through our mobile devices, we can check if items in our homes are left unattended, unlocked, and powered on. There are many home features that are now compatible with our mobile devices including central air conditioning, TVs, and doors. Whether you give the demand by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, the home can respond. Most mobile apps can control light fixtures, home security systems, home theater and entertainment, and thermostat levels.

Another plus when living in a smart home is ease for seniors. If you or any household family member requires special care and attention, living in a smart home can be quite beneficial when it comes to medical emergencies. Some smart homes can be voice activated if an elderly family member is in a position where they can not reach a telephone. They can make the command for emergency services to be contacted for them.


Ease and functionality are great attributes to a smart home, however there are a few things that may cause concern in smart homes. Being that the home is connected to computer elements, it can easily give hackers access to information about your space. Researchers have found that these systems allow criminals insight into the patterns of homeowners. They were able to gain knowledge about the ventilation and heating of the homes as well as, more worryingly, the times when the homeowners were away.

Smart homes are heavily reliant on internet connection. If your internet connection is spotty, most of your gadgets can become unusable. Living in Florida, especially during hurricane season, can cause rolling power outages which can completely shut down your system unless a backup battery system is offered. However, depending on the storm and conditions, most backup batteries can last up to 24 hours.


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