A Review of Granite, Porcelain, and Quartz

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Whether you’re going through a home renovation or buying a new home altogether, choosing the tile for your home can be a stressful situation. The options to choose from are endless, but it can all depend on your budget. If you would rather go with the higher end options such as granite, porcelain, and quartz, below you will find a breakdown on each material that will hopefully aid in your final decision making.


Granite stone can be used in multiple ways such as a backsplash, walls, floor tile, or countertops. The end result can give your home a luxurious finished surface wherever used.  Because it is a natural stone, granite tiles come in limited colors but there is still creative leeway with your styling options. The end product is always polished with a high-gloss finish. Therefore, your floor may become extra slippery and is not recommended for homes with children or elderly persons.

It is incredibly long lasting and durable and common wear and tear will be hard to come by even with low maintenance. However, the material is not scratch-resistant so it should be swept and sealed periodically to secure the color and smooth surface.

Granite can also be cold, so if being used as floor tile, it should be important to note that you should avoid using it in areas where you would want a warm, comforting feeling, such as a family room.


Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile that is even more incredibly durable than ordinary ceramics. It is fired at a higher temperature that creates a harder glazed final surface. Porcelain can be made to look like other materials such as marble, granite and wood so the flexibility with what you want can be almost endless but the price per tile will also be higher.

Porcelain is resistant to liquids and stains with very low maintenance. Like granite however, porcelain can be difficult to install due to its weight.


Quartz tiling has essentially the same benefits of granite without the need for a sealant. It is also stronger, however if mistreated can develop scratches or stains. It is also not recommended for outdoor areas because it can fade in the sun. However, it is completely waterproof so it is perfect for use in areas like a bathroom.

The tiling is also typically very budget friendly and can even be made to mimic marble.

One of the downfalls of quartz is that it can be sensitive to chemicals so choosing which cleaning products to use can be a tricky process.


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