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From our white sand beaches to our bright green golf courses; with every passing sunset… it’s undeniably the Florida experience. Tranquil walks along the beach, breath-taking dining, endless shopping, boating, and fishing.. South Florida is a place of beauty, adventure, relaxation, and family. No wonder it’s known as Paradise!

This Wall Texture Trick Will Instantly Liven Up Interiors That Are Falling Flat

Wondering what small touch can make a big impact with your new remodel? Check out these wall texture ideas for your new home. . . #BowEchoConstruction..

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What to Know Before Selecting Your Home’s Roofing Material

Want your roof to be the envy of the neighborhood? Check out these tips on selecting the best roofing material for your home. . . . #BowEchoConstruction..

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San Francisco's Older BART Trains Might Be Turned Into Housing Units

Would you live in a train car? The city of San Francisco plans on transforming unused train cars from the past into a new housing project. Read..

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20 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

The kiddos’ bathroom can be just as stylish as the master bath! Get some bath inspiration for your next bathroom remodel here! . . #BowEchoConstruction..

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These are America’s 7 Most Beautiful Gas Station Conversions

Blast from the past! See how these pieces of American nostalgia have been turned into some of the hottest hang outs. . . #BowEchoConstruction..

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